Frank De Leger ° 11 August 1959
I have been photographing since I was 14, together with my father, an art photographer himself. In 1976 I received an honourable mention at the AGFA youth photographers contest, in the section colour slides.
With my art photos I try to create, by putting together two “ordinary” pictures, an other reality, that is mysterious, but where beauty is more important than the meaning one eventually would like to give to it.
The pictures under the heading countries are some of the pictures out of my slide shows. These slide shows give, together with music and texts, an impression of the places I visited.
Collective exhibitions:
SWTT Belgacom in Brugge (B) 1996
SPE Gent (B) : first price 1996
Crea 88 in Knokke-Heist (B) 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004
Orseamp in Oostkamp (B) 2000
Galerie L'Aulnaie in Ruette (B) 2004
Galerie La Girelle in Chassepierre (B) 2004
City hall in Oostende (B) 2006
'Waardamme kunstdorp' (B) 2007
'Ruddervoorde kunstdorp' (B) 2009
'De Wieke' in Oostkamp (B) 2011
Rest home 'Lacourt' in Oostende (B) 2015
Project Oostkamp 2030 in Oostkamp (B) 2017
Vrijzinnig centrum in Oostende (B) 2018
Individual exhibitions:
Ocean in Oostende (B) 2001
AXA-bank in Torhout (B) 2002
De beiaard in Torhout (B) 2002
Binnenuit in Heinkenszande (NL) 2006
Cloître des Carmes in Jonzac (Fr) 2006
'Vrijzinnig ontmoetingcentrum' in Koksijde (B) 2008
Public library in Middelkerke (B) 2008
Foyer theatre "De Mythe" Goes (NL) 2010
Furniture House "Binnenuit" in Heinkenszande (NL) 2010
Public library in Oostkamp (B) 2011
'Licht & Concept' in Torhout (B) 2011
Rest home 'Lacourt' in Oostende (B) 2012
Rest home 'Boarebreker' in Oostende (B) 2013
VC 'De Fakkel' in Bredene (B) 2013
Diocesan Center 'Groenhove' in Torhout (B) 2016
"Kunstenaar in de kijker" in Oostkamp (B) 2017
Furniture House "Binnenuit" in Heinkenszande (NL) 2019
VC 'De Fakkel' in Bredene (B) 2021